A fast moisture sensitivity qualification method

X.S. Ma, K.M.B. Jansen, G.Q. Zhang, W.D. Driel, van, O. Sluis, van der, L.J. Ernst, C. Regard, C. Gautier, H. Fremont

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In this paper, a fast moisture sensitivity level (MSL) qualification method and a fast moisture characterization method are discussed. The fast moisture characterization uses a stepwise method to obtain more reliable and more material moisture properties. The established relationships for moisture diffusion coefficients and moisture saturation levels with respect to the temperature and relative humidity can be used to predict moisture properties in the MSL range. Fast moisture sensitivity level qualification is accomplished with the aid of simulation combined with the characterized moisture diffusion properties. Moisture absorption processes at different conditions are simulated using a 3D model at conditions according to the moisture sensitivity test levels. Simulation of weight change at different condition and simulation of local moisture concentration are performed and compared between different conditions. Simulations show that at 696 h preconditioning time at 30 C/60%RH for MSL level 2a can be decreased to 42 h at 85 C/85%RH. Time required for package reliability and moisture sensitivity analysis is largely shortened.
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TijdschriftMicroelectronics and Reliability : an International Journal and World Abstracting Service
StatusGepubliceerd - 2010

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