A fast and efficient 3D beamforming algorithm for cognitive radio networks

A.J. van den Biggelaar, A.B. Smolders (Begeleider), C.B. de Paula (Begeleider), D.C.S. e Silva (Begeleider), J.J. Bazzo (Begeleider)

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3D beamforming can be applied to avoid interference between primary and secondary users in cognitive radio networks. One of the questions that arise when designing an antenna system to perform beamforming is how to properly determine the current excitations. Multiple techniques are available in literature, but most of them make assumptions on the E-field patterns of the individual antenna elements, resulting in inaccurate beam steering results. Techniques that do not impose any assumptions are often computationally very intensive, resulting in an increased design time. This chapter presents a fast, flexible, and accurate algorithm to find the current excitations in order to shape the 3D radiation pattern of an arbitrary antenna system.
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TitelCognitive Technologies
RedacteurenA. Paradisi, A.G. Souza Mello, F.L. Lira Figueiredo, R. Carvalho Figueiredo
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 jul 2017

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