A document engineering model and processing framework for multimedia documents

J.P.T.M. Geurts

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Electronic documents are different from their traditional counterparts in the sense that they do not have an inherent physical representation. Document engineering uses this notion to automatically adapt the presentation of a document to the context in which it is presented. The document engineering paradigm is particularly well suited for textual documents. Nevertheless, the advantages of document engineering are also desirable for documents which are not based on text-flow, such as time based multimedia documents. Existing document engineering technology, however, makes implicit assumptions about documents based on text-flow that do not for multimedia documents. As a result, current document engineering tools do not work as well for multimedia documents. In our research we make the underlying assumptions of text-flow based document engineering explicit and study the way these assumptions conflict with multimedia documents. We use this to define requirements for a document engineering model and framework that apply to multimedia documents. The resulting model defines a source document as an explicit representation of the message intended by the author. The transformation rules exploit knowledge about domain, design and discourse in order to convey the intended message effectively and ensure that the result meets the constraints imposed by the delivery context. We have implemented this model in a software framework called "Cuypers", which integrates elements from web, document processing and knowledge intensive architectures.
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