A description of Automath and some aspects of its language theory

D.T. van Daalen

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    definition and an overview of the language theory. Thus it can serve as an introduction to the papers [van Benthem Jutting 73] and [Zandlevem 73 (E.1)]. Among the various Automath languages this paper concentrates on the original version AUT-68 (because of its relative simplicity) and one extension AUT-QE (in which most texts have been written thus far). The contents are: 1. Introductory remarks. 2. Informal description of AUT-68. 3. Mathematics in Automath: propositions and types. 4. Extension of AUT-68 to AUT-QE. 5. A formal definition of AUT-QE. 6. Some remarks on language theory.
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    TitelSelected Papers on Automath
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