A controllable magnetic system for biosensors

P.J.W. van Lankvelt (Uitvinder), M.W.J. Prins (Uitvinder), A.H.J. Immink (Uitvinder)

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The invention relates to a magnetic system for biosensors and in particular to a magnetic system which can switch between attraction force and repulsion force near the sensor surface with more easy but also more effective means. This is realized with at least one coil and at least two ferromagnetic cores which are arranged in a concentric multilayered package, and a sensor or a sensor surface exposed to or covered with the biomaterial, which is arranged near to the magnetic system. [on SciFinder (R)] Also published as: US 2009209042 (A1) JP 2009536350 (A) EP 2018562 (A1
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OctrooinummerWO 2007129278 (A1)
StatusGepubliceerd - 15 nov 2007

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