A complexity adaptive channel estimator for low power

Z. Yu, C.H. Berkel, van, H. Li

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This paper presents a complexity adaptive channel estimator for low power. Channel estimation (CE) is one of the most computation intensive tasks in a software-defined radio (SDR) based OFDM demodulator. Complementary to the conventional low-power design methodology on processor architectures or circuits, we propose to reduce power also at the algorithm level. The idea is to dynamically scale the processing load of the channel estimator according to the run-time estimated channel quality. In this work, with a case study on China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) standard, three practical CE algorithms are adopted to form a complexity scalable algorithm set, and signal noise ratio (SNR) is chosen to be the channel quality parameter for CE algorithm switching. In order to accurately estimate the SNR in the run-time, we also propose a noise variance estimation algorithm which is robust against fast-fading channels and introduces small computation overheads. Simulation shows that, under a pre-defined scenario for our targeting SDR demodulator, more than 50% run-time load reduction can be achieved compared with a fixed worst case channel estimator, while still fulfilling the mean square error requirement, resulting in about 25% of power reduction for the total demodulator. In addition, complexity adaption enables dynamical voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) in a SDR demodulator which can lead to furthermore power reduction. © 2012 EDAA.
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TitelProceedings 15th Design, Automation and Test in Europe - Conference and Exhibition (DATE'12, Dresden, Germany, March 12-16, 2012)
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