A comparison of Java Cards : state-of-affairs 2006

W. Mostowski, J. Pan, S. Akkiraju, E.P. Vink, de, E. Poll, J.I. Hartog, den

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This document presents the results of a comparative study of some popular Java Cards on the market. Eight di??erent cards from four manufacturers have been con- sidered. The analysis has been done at two levels { (i) a documentation-based com- parison, also taking other publicly available resources into account, (ii) an actual hands-on testing with software developed speci??cally for this purpose by the Pin- pasJC research team. The investigations focus on basic functionality, secure channels, the transaction mechanism, support symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, Global Platform and Open Platform compliance, and garbage and memory management.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2007

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