A closed network model for I/O systems

R.J. Wijbrands, J. Wessels

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In this paper we look at the problem of modelling and analyzing an I/O subsystem. There are two conventional ways to look at this problem. The first is to model the I/O subsystem as an M|G|1 queue, thus neglecting the CPU influence on the arrival stream. The second way is to use the central server model, treating the nonexponen­tially distributed I/O service times as exponentially distributed.

Here we try to combine the benefits of both methods. We use a closed network model and analyze this by using an adjusted mean-value scheme. In this scheme service times depend on the number of clients in system. We make use of the residual lifetime dis­tribution of the client in disk service. Some experiments show that the model yields accurate results.
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TitelContributions to operations research (Proceedings of the conference, Oberwolfach, Germany, February 26-March 3, 1984)
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