A case study on lightning protection, building resonances considered

A.P.J. Deursen, van, G. Geers - Bargboer

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In a recent paper (G. Bargboer and A. P. J. van Deursen, IEEE Trans. Electromagn. Compat., vol. 52, no. 3, pp. 684-90, Aug. 2010) we dealt with current injection measurements to test the lightning protection system of a newly built pharmaceutical plant. In a tentative extrapolation, the measurements were extrapolated to actual lightning. Here, we extend the model and calculate the response of the installation on lightning currents and include resonances in the cable trays and test cables contained in it. It turned out that suspension rods between roof support and cable tray were indispensable to suppress the resonances. The time dependence of the present results and the earlier simplified model given in differ greatly, but the amplitudes of induced voltages appear to be of the same order of magnitude.
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TijdschriftIEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
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