A case-study in multidisciplinary modeling of dynamic embedded systems

B.H.M. Bukkems, J.H. Sandee, J.B.C. Beckers, Y. Zhaorui, B. Wijst, van der, M.J.G. Molengraft, van de

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In this paper a case-study in multidisciplinarymodeling of dynamic embedded systems is described. This case-study represents our initial step towards the development of a design methodology for this type of systems, which is the aim of the research project "Boderc". The objectives and compositionof the project are given, together with a motivation why such a method is needed. After this, the modeling of parts of the paper path of a high-volume black and white multi-functional copier is described. The goals and the results of the case-study are discussed in detail. Next, the way the knowledge from differentdisciplines is linked is shown, and the possible couplings between models are explained. In order to judge the predicting capabilities of the models, experiments for validation have been carried out. The obtained measurements show that the created models form a fair description of the system behavior.
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TitelProceedings of mechatronics and robotics (Mech Rob 2004), 13-15 September 2004, Aachen, Germany
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