A BIM-based building circularity calculation approach

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Since Circular Economy (CE) has proved its contribution to address environmental impacts in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, new approaches of calculating building circularity are developed for designers to measure the circularity of their projects. However, existing calculation tools are time-consuming and inefficiency. This study aims at providing users with an efficient circularity calculation tool based on building information modeling (BIM). To facilitate automatic calculation, new metrics and methods for obtaining useful data are studied based on existing building circularity calculation methods. A tool has been developed which integrates information from the building information model and calculates the circularity by metrics. For demonstration, a case study of inner walls in a two-floor house is conducted as validation of the tool. Since design usually changes frequently in the early stages, the tool extracts information from IFC files to calculate for each design in a quick and simple way.
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Mijlpalentype toekennenA BIM-based Building Circularity Calculation Approach
StatusNiet gepubliceerd - 17 sep 2019

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