A 174 pW-488.3 nW 1 S/s-100 kS/s all-dynamic resistive temperature sensor with speed/resolution/resistance adaptability

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A versatile resistive temperature sensor for Internet-of-Things is presented, based on an all-dynamic architecture. This allows efficient scaling of power with conversion rate, enables optional oversampling for an adaptable resolution, and provides efficient adaptability to different resistor values. A new double-sided measurement mode is proposed to compensate for offset, 1/f noise and nonidealities at system level. The sensor achieves a minimum power consumption of 174 pW at 1 S/s measurement rate, which scales up to 488.3 nW at 100 kS/s. It offers a nominal rms resolution of 0.61 °C and a resolution FoM as low as 1.82 pJ °C2.

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TijdschriftIEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters
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