3D printing is making an impression on concrete

J.D. Bekkering, L. Teague

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The design proposal 'Firewall' combines the already known characteristics of concrete with the new possibilities of 3D-concrete printing. The concrete material is naturally strong, has a great freedom and by its mass a large accumulation capacity. With the 3D-concrete printing an even greater freedom of form can be achieved. Because there are no restrictions through molds and cases it's possible to make cavities, integrating pipes, ducts, cables, and combinations with other materials. The design proposal consists of a wall with a fireplace, built from a pattern of concrete spheres filled with translucent material. This design will challenge the possibilities of 3D-concrete printing, making it an interesting experiment to investigate and explore this innovative technique. The design has been elaborated in cooperation with the Technical University Eindhoven and Cement&Beton Centrum.
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Nummer van het tijdschriftJanuary 31
StatusGepubliceerd - feb 2017

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