3D-printed baffled logpile structures: From 2D simulation to full-scale cylindrical module

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Catalyst structuring is a key technology in the chemical process intensification toolbox. By changing the catalyst geometry and packing, the catalyst holdup, pressure drop and heat and mass transfer properties of the reactor can be tailored and this, in turn, influences the performance, operating costs and safety aspects. In recent years, Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D-printing, of catalyst has been developed as a novel means of structuring catalytic material. This technology is promised to unlock large design freedom in the structuring of catalytic materials, and this can open up new operating windows. Whilst the technology itself is maturing, the actual structures and process intensification potential are not investigated thoroughly yet.
In this poster, we will introduce our novel concept of 3D-printed baffled logpile structures. The production of these structures, or any structure with local variations, via AM is relatively straightforward whilst it is complex to achieve within conventional shaped bodies. By local densification of the structure to form baffle-like structures, the fluid flow can be steered and this can be used to intensify the heat and mass transfer properties of the reactor. Flexible operating characteristics can be achieved by varying both the porosity of these baffles as well as their location within the reactor. The operating windows have been mapped through simulations, and these conclusions allow for the design of full-scale cylindrical modules.
In this poster we will present both our simulation approach and the experimental setups that are used to characterize the novel catalyst structures. In addition to this, future perspectives for value-added application of the structures are sketched.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2022
EvenementBurgers symposium 2022 - Lunteren, Nederland
Duur: 8 jun. 20229 jun. 2022


CongresBurgers symposium 2022


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