3D helix engineering in chiral photonic materials

Augustinus J.J. Kragt, Davey C. Hoekstra, Sjoerd Stallinga, Dirk J. Broer, Albertus P.H.J. Schenning (Corresponding author)

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Engineering the helical structure of chiral photonic materials in three dimensions remains a challenge. 3D helix engineered photonic materials are fabricated by local stratification in a photopolymerizable chiral nematic liquid crystal. The obtained chiral photonic materials reflect both handedness of circular polarized light and show super-reflectivity. Simulations match the experimentally observed photonic properties and reveal a distorted helical structure. 3D engineered polymer films can be made that reflect both left- and right handed circular and linear polarized light dependent and exhibit a changing color contrast upon altering the polarization of incident light. Hence, these 3D engineered photonic materials are of interest for new and emerging applications ranging from anti-counterfeit labels and data encryption to aesthetics and super-reflective films.

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TijdschriftAdvanced Materials
Nummer van het tijdschrift33
StatusGepubliceerd - aug 2019

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