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1-Phenylcyclohexanemethylamine is alkylated with various agents to give N-alkyl derivs. These products are useful pharmaceutically as analeptic agents. E.g., 0.6 g. Ac2O is added to 5.7 g. 1-phenylcyclohexanemethylamine (I) in 25 ml. C6H6. The mixt. is worked up to give the amide which is mixed with ether and added to 5 g. LiAlH4 in 400 ml. ether. This soln. is refluxed 3 hrs. and worked up. The ether soln. is then treated with HCl in PrOH to give II.HCl, m. 208-9 Deg. Similarly (EtCO)2O with I gives III.HCl, m. 204-5 Deg. Succinic anhydride gives N-(1-phenylcyclohexylmethyl)pyrrolidine-HCl, m. 219-20 Deg. [on SciFinder (R)]
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