UMOS-Urban Mobility Operating System (Task A2004 20026)

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UMOS is a universal open service platform for optimized, customized and seamless mobility for the European traveler. It integrates various mobility and related services as a one-stop platform. The integrated mobility services are multi-modal and wide in range. However, UMOS is not only a MaaS; it is beyond MaaS! It envisions an ultimate experience for the traveler, hence, incorporates also services, such as parking and insurance, which complement and enhance this experience.

The vision of optimized, customized and seamless travel experience is enabled with the open platform that hosts a wide-range of services, which facilitate the generation of end-to-end travel options that take into consideration the real-time traffic conditions, as well as the specific needs and preferences of the traveller. It learns from past travels of its users, their preferences, and end-user reviews of services, and continuously improves its recommendations. With the support of policy makers, it contributes to the increased liveability of cities by offering more sustainable alternatives to private cars.

Project is coordinated by Achema, TU/e, and Altran.
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Project Partners:
- Achmea
- Altran
- BMW Group
- Scoda Auto
- Fraunhofer
- UPC Technology Centre
- Colruyt Group
- TomTom
- Siemens
- University College London
- City of Hamburg
- City of Amsterdam
- City of Eindhoven
- City of Helmond
- City of Helsinki
- City of Copenhagen
- And more …

Funding program: European Commission - EIT Urban Mobility
Time frame: 2019 - 2022
Korte titelUMOS
Effectieve start/einddatum1/01/2031/12/20