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GGz Eindhoven has two ambitions for the future development of De Grote Beek. Firstly, the site should develop as a model project for a sustainable and future-oriented green estate, where the community of clients can flourish, but is also part of the public space of the city. Secondly, the Grote Beek estate should become an exemplary project for a patient-oriented enclave according to the principles of Planetree, where a healing community can be established.

During the research phase the focus will be on the two overarching themes – sustainability and healing environment. The scenarios will be developed in a concrete visual and narrative way, and will show how the site can develop in the next 5, 10, and 15 years.

Involved persons:
TU/E: chair Architectural Design and Engineering:
Juliette Bekkering
Kornelia Dimitrova (PDENG position)
Torsten Schröder

Joep Verbugt
Kees Spitters
Inge Bongers

Omschrijving in begrijpelijke taal

This project will result in the development of several speculative scenarios for the future of the estate of De Grote Beek. These scenarios will be elaborated with the aim to give architectural and programmatic form to the ambitions of GGzE for the site.

Belangrijkste bevindingen

Healing environment according to the principles of "planetree".
Korte titelFuture Scenarios for GGzE De Grote Beek
Effectieve start/einddatum1/12/1830/11/20


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