Supporting innovative SMEs by InnoEnergy

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InnoEnergy is established in 2009, created as one of the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The objective of InnoEnergy is to bring innovative sustainable energy technologies to the market by means of networking between universities, public research organizations, large industrial firms and small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

This project focusses on the role of innovative SMEs in innovation projects of InnoEnergy. The needs of these SMEs differ at subsequent stages of development of the innovation project and can form a mismatch with the current value proposition and business model of InnoEnergy. Following a design science approach, the project aims to develop evidence-based tools and services for SMEs affiliated to all InnoEnergy offices in Europe, as such improving InnoEnergy's current value proposition for innovative SMEs.  

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Improving InnoEnergy's current value proposition for innovative SMEs
Effectieve start/einddatum15/11/1614/11/20