SAR ADC arrays for ultrasound

  • Harpe, Pieter J.A. (Project Manager)
  • van Rens, Jeannet (Project communicatie medewerker)
  • van der Hagen, Daniëlle (Project communicatie medewerker)

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The project is about realizing a low power digitizer array for Medical Ultrasound. The first phase of the project is about modeling the Analog front-end for certain non-idealities. Later the impact of these non-idealities is examined during the image reconstruction from the model data. With the derived specifications from the modelling, a N-Channel digitizer array is realized in 65nm CMOS

Omschrijving in begrijpelijke taal

The project is concerned with the digitization of analog echo signals used for Medical Imaging.
Korte titelDigitizer Array
Effectieve start/einddatum1/04/1731/03/19