PPS TKI Philips MEDICAID: MedTech Solutions for Earlier Detection of Cardiovascular Disease

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Cardiovascular diseases are a major health problem, and are on the rise. Detecting cardiovascular diseases at an early stage is critical to halt this rise, and to lower healthcare costs while simultaneously improving patient quality of life. The MEDICAID project seeks to leverage technological advances in unobtrusive sensing, monitoring and data analysis to enable earlier recognition, mitigate progression and improve treatment of cardiovascular disease. The project covers several cardiovascular conditions (atrial fibrillation, heart failure, preeclampsia, obstructive sleep apnea, abdominal aortic aneurisms) in clinical as well as extramural settings. It involves a close collaboration between engineering and clinical experts. The general approach is to co-develop novel technological solutions in a controlled clinical environment, and to subsequently refine and validate them in extramural and at-home settings, immediately followed by deployment in the healthcare system with the aim to increase effectiveness at lower costs in combination with lower patient burden and higher patient quality of life.
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