Organising knowledge and learning for the regional energy transition NWO 408.ME.19.404

  • Wieczorek, Anna J. (Project Manager)
  • Kluskens, Nikki (Project communicatie medewerker)
  • Kluskens, Nikki (Projectmedewerker)

Project: Onderzoek direct



By ratifying the Paris Agreement, the Netherlands has committed to an ambitious climate policy, the implementation of which can only be achieved through a substantial reduction in GHG emissions. Key opportunities for realising such a transition are increasingly situated at the local and regional level. To seize these opportunities regional authorities, companies, and social partners in 30 regions across The Netherlands are expected to develop a so-called regional energy strategy (RES). How to practically organise such a regional energy transition however, remains a challenge. The ORAKLE project aims to support the regional energy transition by experimenting with existing and novel ways of organising knowledge and learning in the context of a Noord-Brabant living lab.

TIS group at TU Eindhoven, in collaboration with HPM group at TU/e, Enpuls, University of Tilburg and Het PON will support the provincial government of Noord-Brabant in facilitating the basic knowledge infrastructure and becoming a knowledge broker in the field. Theoretically the project will draw on sustainability transition studies, regional governance insights and applied psychology. Since this is about doing research that matters, methodologically we go for co-creation and action research! More information: Anna J. Wieczorek
Effectieve start/einddatum1/08/2031/08/25