New Energy Outreach for the Netherlands (NEON)

Project: Second tier



NEON is a multidisciplinary research program addressing three interrelated societal challenges: climate action, renewable energy, and smart & sustainable transport. We believe integral research combining societal, economic and technological expertise is the key to understanding and solving todays big challenges. Our research focuses on making impact. Therefore we closely collaborate with over twenty industry partners, multiple governmental institutions and other societal partners. Next to that we are connected to some of the biggest experts in the international research community.

The 33 PhD positions combined in the NEON program are subdivided in the domains: Sustainable energy, Smart & safe mobility, Societal integration and Integral models. Covering everything from chemistry and electrical engineering to law and psychology. All working together with the same drive towards our mutual goal ofaccelerating the energy and mobility transition through integral, multidisciplinary research.

From OPAC we participate in NEON through work package 6: Smart & safe mobility – smart hubs and mobility as a service. The work package aims at moving towards a more efficient and sustainable mobility system by combining travel options into individually multimodal services, ultimately tailored for each user and each trip. Tom Van Woensel is de Principal Investigator for this work package supported by Soora Rasouli (Built Environment).

The NEON methodology is innovative in that it focuses on difficult technological problems while simultaneously evaluating and testing all technological and social options in a system setting through social research, living labs and an integral computer model. This requires integrating and interfacing technological knowledge with knowledge from the social sciences and humanities. Are you interested? See the NEON research project website. 

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Lighting the way to zero emission energy and mobility
Effectieve start/einddatum1/05/201/10/26


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