New Energy Outlooks for the Netherlands

Project: Second tier



In this project, we will develop an ultra-fast bidirectional charging technology that can be connected directly to the medium voltage electricity grid without a 10kV/400V transformer and is especially suitable for heavy transport where high power is needed. It is also inside the scope of our research to assess the impact and possibilities of high power V2G (vehicle to grid) and grid support on future grid configurations and to determine optimal future charging combinations for different business cases (e.g. busses, ships and truck).

PhD Victor Reyes Dreke: As a member of this project, my main task is to develop and implement control methods for power electronics systems aiming to improve the performance and durability of this hardware. For doing that, model-based techniques such as Model Predictive Control are studied with the objective of overcoming the challenges that bring the nonlinear and switching characteristics of these systems. Hence, faster solver nonlinear optimization solvers are researched. Additionally, Cooperative Control techniques are also investigated to improve the performance of the smart grid and modular multilevel converters.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/05/201/10/26

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