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Innovation Pathway aims to inspire cities to create pathways to achieve their strategic ambition and vision regarding urban mobility, to identify solutions and help them to plan for their implementation. It incorporates a stepwise approach to allow cities to go through a number of typical mobility challenges, ambitions, solutions, and uses cases and help them to adopt for their own region, city, or other target area. The approach is supported with a tool that hosts a rich set of examples and experience from many European cities.

Funding program: European Commission - EIT Urban Mobility
Time frame: 2019 - 2021

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Project Partners:
- EIT Urban Mobility (EU)
- TU/e
- Bable
- University College London (UCL)
- Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Staff involved at TU/e:
- Oktay Turetken and Alexia Athanasopoulou (IS Group)
- Rianne Valkenburg, Elke den Ouden (TU/e Lighthouse)
Korte titelInnovation Pathway
Effectieve start/einddatum1/01/2031/12/20