Improving the use of decision support systems

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The effective coordination of materials and goods is of crucial importance in any logistic process as it directly impacts the performance of the organization or sector at large. In order to optimize this process, organizations increasingly rely on advanced decision support systems that allow their planners andschedulers to find optimal solutions. However, although researchers andpractitioners spend much effort to improve the quality of the underlyingalgorithms, literature and organizational practice indicate that the acceptanceof these systems is rather limited. That is, planners and schedulers oftenexperience difficulties in using (and trusting) these advanced tools and theyfrequently deviate from its advice by relying on their own judgments and intuitionsin finding solutions.  

In order tooptimize the usage of these tools, it is therefore of critical importance tounderstand when and why users are hesitant to adopt these systems and how wecan stimulate its usage. The goal of the research project is to address these issues in order to improve the effective use of decision support systems.
Project partners: TU/e (HPM), TU/e  (OPAC), RUG (Universiteit Groningen), TKI Dinalog, HILTI, PHILIPS, NS, IMI Hydronics, Amway, Office Depot, EyeOn, Frankort & Koning, Synple.

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Enhancing the adoption, acceptance and use of advanced planning and scheduling tools.
Effectieve start/einddatum15/02/1714/02/19


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