Communication (P14-18 - project 4)

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This STW research programme addresses current transportation challenges regarding throughput and safety with an integrated approach to automated and cooperative driving. In i-CAVE a Cooperative Dual Mode Automated Transport (C-DMAT) system is researched and designed, consisting of dual-mode vehicles which can be driven automatically and manually to allow maximum flexibility. The programme integrates technological roadmaps for automated and cooperative driving, accelerating the development of novel transportation systems addressing today’s and future mobility demands. Besides these enabling technologies, the focus is put on fault tolerance and fail-safety, wireless communications, human factors, and others addressing the transition of control between manual and automated driving and the response of other road users. i-CAVE addresses this by implementing RADAR-based communication, allowing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to be used as both radar and communication devices, realizing a more robust and synergetic approach to sensing and communication for safe high-speed automated and cooperative driving.

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The i-CAVE project P4 - Radar Communication aims to combine communications and radar capabilities for the automobile radars, with emphasis on the existing FMCW automotive radars.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/11/1631/08/22