From the cloud to the edge - smart IntegraTion and OPtimization Technologies for highly efficient Image and VIdeo processing Systems

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The objective of FitOptiVis is to develop an integral approach for smart integration of image- and video-processing pipelines for CPS covering a reference architecture, supported by low-power, high-performance, smart devices, and by methods and tools for combined design-time and run-time multi-objective optimisation within system and environment constraints. Low latency Image processing is often crucial for autonomy, and performing the right interaction of the CPS with its environment. The most important CPS in the project have sensors and processing at distributed places. For many reasons (parts of) CPS has to operate on low energy, whereas the complete system needs results with low latency. The focus of the project is on multi-objective optimisation for performance and energy use. However, other qualities, like reliability, security etc. also play a role in the optimisation.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/06/1830/11/21


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