Enabling Majorana Braiding

Project: Third tier



Quantum computation allows new scaling laws in computational power. By using quantum mechanical principles the computing power of a quantum computer scales exponentially with the number of entangled quantum bits. More powerful computers are vital for the emerging fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous driving.
Despite the enormous progress in this field, it is not yet clear if currently explored quantum chips can be scaled-up to thousands of quantum bits, which is required to build a useful quantum computer. The underlying problem is the fundamental fragility of quantum states. In this proposal we address this grand challenge by developing a new materials system constituting the core of a topological quantum computer. The quantum state used in a topological quantum computer is a Majorana Zero Mode (MZM). The promise of these Majorana Zero Modes (MZMs) is that they are topologically protected and should therefore have long coherence times (circumventing the fundamental fragility of quantum states). Many groups are searching for MZM in different materials systems as Majoranas are the heart of a topological quantum computer.
After having observed first signatures of a MZM in a hybrid semiconductor /superconductor nanowire in 2012, an approach has been developed to grow high-quality hybrid semiconductor/superconductor nanowire devices all in-situ under ultra-high vacuum. The most important next challenge is to demonstrate the existence of MZM and to use them as a qubit, for which braiding has to be shown. Braiding is the exchange of MZMs and is generally believed to provide conclusive evidence for the applicability as enabling technology of the powerful quantum computer. This project specifically aims to enable the braiding of Majorana modes through by fabrication of the required nanowire hardware.

Korte titelTKI HRSM 18.0122 Brama + Microsoft Insane
Effectieve start/einddatum1/07/1831/03/28




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