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Research profile

Zandrie Borneman is Associate professor at the research group Membrane Materials and Processes of Eindhoven University of Technology (department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry). In his research he focuses on the design, development, characterization and application of polymer membranes for sustainable process applications.

The aim is to tailor membrane chemistry, design, morphology and characteristics on a molecular level to control mass transport through interfaces for sustainable process applications. More specifically, the research focuses on the separation of molecular mixtures and achieving selective mass transport. This requires a multidisciplinary knowledge chain ranging from molecular membrane design towards process applications.

The two key pillars of MMP are chemistry and process technology for a sustainable future. This is reflected in the research portfolio in the context of the concept ‘recycle, reuse, reduce’. ‘Closing cycles’ and ‘value from waste’ are leading themes in the research program.

Academic background

Zandrie Borneman studied Analytical Chemistry at Drenthe College (Emmen) and received his BSc in Laboratory Engineering at Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Enschede) in 1991. From 1995-2001 he was a senior researcher at ATO-DLO Agrotechnological Research Institute (now Wageningen University and Research) where he applied membrane filtration techniques for separation and isolation of functional ingredients and valorization of waste streams. From 2001-2006 he was a senior researcher at the Membrane Technology Group of the University of Twente while performing PhD research on Particle Loaded Membrane Chromatography under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Wessling. After obtaining his PhD in 2006 he became Manager of the European Membrane Institute at the University of Twente, until he moved to Eindhoven University of Technology in 2016 to become Associate Professor at the Membrane Materials and Processes research group.


Life needs membranes to sustain itself


                    Life needs membranes to sustain itself

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In situ long-term membrane performance evaluation of hydrogen-bromine flow batteries

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The effect of supercritical CO2 on the permeation of dissolved water through PDMS membranes

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Open Access
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Dehydration of supercritical carbon dioxide using dense polymeric membranes: a techno-economical evaluation

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Polymeric membranes
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide
Carbon Monoxide

Development of poor cell adhesive immersion precipitation membranes based on supramolecular bis-urea polymers

van Gaal, R. C., van Sprang, J. F., Borneman, Z. & Dankers, P. Y. W., 1 jan 2019, (Geaccepteerd/In druk) In : Macromolecular Bioscience. 1900277.

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Polyethylene glycols
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Effect of bromine complexing agents on membrane performance in hydrogen bromine flow batteries

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Flow batteries
Sulfonic Acids


The magic of membranes

Z. Borneman


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Characterization and performance evaluation of commercially available membranes in forward osmosis

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Feedback driven formation and dissociation of complex coacervate core micelles

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Polymer membranes for the separation of CO, CO2 and O2: performance analysis and gas transport modeling

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Salt influence on the micropollutant removal of brackish water types by nanofiltration

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