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Expertise area(‘s): CA
Squad: Sensory matters

Research focus, project topics I’d like to coach
“I like projects focused on the sensorial expressivity of embodied materiality in interaction. I am also interested in how we can design for a more sustainable society. So, in short these are my main topics: explorative materiality and the relation to bio- and circular materials usage.  The link between these  topics is that interaction over time has a lot to do with product connectivity. It's actually more about the emotional connection that you make with your product and environment through a long-term interaction and engagement.”

What is your vision on education/coaching?
“In the master course Interactive Materiality, I teach the approach I have developed and also use in my own practice: Material Oriented Design (MOD). Materials and their performativity forms the starting point for explorations to define the design space. So I don't work from a problem solution point of view. This means that it is quite an open approach and materials and -technologies always have a central position.

Usually, students contact me after they followed one of my courses in the bachelor or master. If they appreciate the method we use in this courses, and in my work, they are interested in having me as their mentor. They oftentimes already have a project in mind that I appreciate and if we find out that this topic also corresponds to my interest and expertise, we have a match.”

Students about Simone's coaching style:
For my final project I really wanted to freely experiment with materials and search for my own way of working. I arrived at the right place with Simone because she gives you the freedom to draw your own plan and tried to support that by pouring it into a suitable structure together.
If you ask for a concrete value judgment, you will probably end up with more questions and options (to be able to come to such a value judgment yourself).
What I was eventually able to gain is self-confidence in myself as a designer and a clearer picture of who that designer is. I created the reins in collaboration with Simone to investigate that. I learned that there is not one right process to follow and it is worth investigating what your process is that strengthens your work."
Charlotte Bording (FBP)

"Simone's coaching style is characterized by her personal approach. She tries to understand the reasoning behind the process of the student and advises accordingly. Simone will provide knowledge about both materials and shape, and the business perspective of design. She uses her own professional network to get you up to speed."
Wiebe Audenaerd (FMP)

“Creativity and Aesthetics is my main expertise. However, business is very important to me as well. I bring in a large network of clients and institutes we are working with, such as the Textielmuseum or Bartiméus Institute for the visually impaired (tactile experience), but also clients in the automotive field. I really value the connection with the market in student projects (DLE track).”

Exemplary graduation projects of students I coached:

FBP project Charlotte Bording: Bloomn


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