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Performing an experiment is easy, perfoming an experiment correctly is (fiendishly) difficult.

Research profile

Robin Cerpentier is a doctoral candidate in the Polymer Technology group at the Eindhoven University of Technology. For the past five years, the focus of his research has been the investigation of the effect of molecular and morphological parameters on the long-term (mechanical) performance of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), used in pressure pipe applications. The main goal of this study is to identify the key material parameters that govern the dominant (long-term) failure mechanisms observed in HDPE pipes: plasticity-controlled failure and crack-growth-controlled failure. Furthermore, the influence of (test) temperature and load pattern (cyclic or static) on the crack growth kinetics of HDPE plays a central role in his research. After his defense on the 30th of June 2020, Robin will continue his research into crack-growth-controlled failure in HDPE for an additional six months. The focus of this (post-doctoral) research will be on the influence of molecular architecture (short chain branching) on the crack growth kinetics as a function of temperature and load pattern.

Academic background

Robin (Robert Juliette) Cerpentier started his Chemistry study at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RuG) in 2009 and switched to Chemical Engineering during his Bachelor. During his Master, he completed an internship at AkzoNobel in Deventer on the peroxide cross-linking of modified LDPE. In 2015, he received his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering with cum laude distinction. He performed his graduation project in the Product Technology group of Prof. Francesco Picchioni under the supervision of Laurens Polgar and Francesco Picchioni, which resulted in an article titled "Influence of the chemical structure of cross-linking agents on properties of thermally reversible networks". In October 2015, Robin started as a doctoral candidate in the Polymer Technology group under the supervision of Prof. Leon Govaert, Prof. Theo Tervoort (ETH Zürich) and dr. Mark Boerakker (SABIC).


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