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Ing. René Unteregger, MSc. holds two Master degrees in Business & Innovation Engineering (University of Southern Denmark) and Public Health (Umeå University, Sweden). His first thesis in health marketing focused on consumers' attitude towards new health-enhancing nutrition products. For his second thesis he received an award for the best scientific review in Public Health on the topic "A Scoping Review of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in Pregnancy - Associated Risks, Treatment, and the Pathological Role of the Gut Flora".

Currently, he conducts research on "The Development and Commercialization of Innovative Health Solutions" in the course of his PhD at the School of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, in the ITEM (Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing) group. René feels delighted to explore innovative business approaches for creating long-term impact on the population's health and, in this context, how to best address current global health challenges. Therefore, his research pursues to chart new territories for health solutions in the field of Mental Health, Preventive Care and Health Promotion.

Opleiding / Academische kwalificatie

Health sciences, Master, Umeå University


Datum van toekenning: 28 jun 2016

Technology, other, Master, University of Southern Denmark


Datum van toekenning: 18 jun 2015

Mechanical engineering, Bachelor, Management Center Innsbruck


Datum van toekenning: 9 jul 2013

Psychology, Certificaat/Diploma hoger beroepsonderwijs, Umeå University

2016jan 2017

Externe posities

Assistant Business Analyst (Internship), Biocrates Life Sciences AG

feb 2017apr 2017

Event and Project Manager, Sønderborg Student Foundation

jun 2014jun 2015

Project Ambassador for Best Brains (Jobportal: careerindemark.com), Sønderborg Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

jan 2014mei 2014

Mechanincal Engineer (Process Optimisation and Quality Management), Felder Group

aug 2007jul 2013


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Als u wijzigingen in Pure hebt gemaakt, zullen deze hier binnenkort zichtbaar zijn.