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Persoonlijk profiel

Research profile

Amy Yewdall is a curious postdoc in the Bio-Organic Chemistry group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Her research interests are focussed on harnessing the functionality of proteins to create responsive biohybrid systems, such as protein-based nanostructures and artificial cells. In particular, her current research aims to imbue biological features into coacervate-based artificial cells, and to study how enzymes function in these novel environments.

Academic background

Amy Yewdall studied Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), where she received both her BA and MSci degrees in 2012. She then pursued her PhD at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), where she cultivated a passion for harnessing protein self-assembly to create responsive nanostructures for use in new contexts. Amy obtained her doctorate in 2017, and joined the van Hest group, where her expertise in protein engineering, enzymatic assays, structural biology and bionanotechnology, equips her with a fresh biological perspective towards various projects.

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Peroxiredoxin proteins as building blocks for nanotechnology

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Transmission Electron Microscopy
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Mimicking cellular compartmentalization in a hierarchical protocell through spontaneous spatial organization

Mason, A. F., Yewdall, A., Welzen, P. L. W., Shao, J., van Stevendaal, M., van Hest, J. C. M., Williams, D. S. & Abdelmohsen, L. K. E. A., 28 aug 2019, In : ACS Central Science. 5, 8, blz. 1360-1365 6 blz.

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Cell membranes
Cell culture
Self assembly
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Physicochemical characterization of polymer-stabilized coacervate protocells

Yewdall, N. A., Buddingh, B. C., Altenburg, W. J., Timmermans, S. B. P. E., Vervoort, D. F. M., Abdelmohsen, L. K. E. A., Mason, A. F. & van Hest, J., 15 okt 2019, In : ChemBioChem. 20, 20, blz. 2643-2652 10 blz.

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Artificial Cells
Biochemical Phenomena
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Assembly of protein stacks with in situ synthesized nanoparticle cargo

Manuguri, S., Webster, K., Yewdall, N. A., An, Y., Venugopal, H., Bhugra, V., Turner, A., Domigan, L. J., Gerrard, J. A., Williams, D. E. & Malmström, J., 8 aug 2018, In : Nano Letters. 18, 8, blz. 5138-5145 8 blz.

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Copolymer-stabilized coacervate microdroplets as multicompartmentalized artificial cells

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