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There is plenty of room between random and crystalline materials. Functional multi-component nanomaterials are keys to this room of smart, strong, self-replicating, self-repairing, and mostly bioinspired materials.-- a derivative from R. Feynman 

Academic background

Mohammad-Amin Moradi has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from university of Tehran and a Master of Science in Polymer Nanomaterials on “Preparation of Polypropylene-Diamondoid (Adamantane) Nanocomposite and Simulation of Its Nanostructure Using Molecular Dynamics Method” from Sahand university of technology. He has the experience of working in an R&D company, Researchers of Nanotechnology Co. Ltd., at Sharif University of Technology, where he was managing a public education project to introduce the concept of nanotechnology to students in a national level. There he came up with innovation of Nanotechnology Olympiad, which is running since 2010. In October 2011, he joined Prof. Alex van Herk’s group at Eindhoven University of Technology to continue research on polymer nanomaterials. He worked on two parallel latex based projects on CNT-latex conductive coatings and encapsulation of a vesicle template under supervision of Dr. Hans Heuts. Mohammad-Amin won the poster prize in polymer physics at Dutch Polymer Days of 2015 for “Bimodal latex effect on spin coated SWCNT-latex conductive nano layers”. He was also awarded the poster prize of Royal Microscopical Society- Microscopy characterization of organic-inorganic interfaces conference of 2017 at Queen Marry University of London for “Exploring the self-assembly of hybrid materials using cryo-electron microscopy”.

Research profile

Mohammad is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the center of multi-scale electron microscopy and the laboratory of materials and interface chemistry under supervision of Prof. Nico Sommerdijk investigating the self-assembly of multi-component materials using cryogenic electron tomography and liquid phase electron microscopy. He is studing the formation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials at the nanoscale to produce routines for preparation of hybrid materials with different level of order and hence diferent properties.

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