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Miriam Mansilla Gomez, MSc

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"My research is going to be a revolution for future ethics mindset. I have to see what everybody sees at the end of the lifetime and think what nobody else has thought"

Research profile

Design of a novel biomass conversion process by microwave assisted pyrolysis  

Academic background

I am an industrial engineer who is keen on working as a design engineer of chemical or physical processes with the goal of improve the overall process to meet product specifications. I am also interested in being a supply chain coordinator because I believe in the need of having an optimal supply chain procurement and updated in the last technology to solve the dynamic problems caused by changing market. I am passionate about providing innovating solutions to the overall value chain and bringing initiatives for improvements. In addition, I want to work in an open innovation ecosystem where external ideas and competence partnership offers can be consider. Finally, I am also willing to work inside R&D because a firm should be ambidextrous doing exploitation of current projects but also exploring new opportunities.
• Specialties: design engineering, reactor engineering, polymer rheology, management of new product development, supply chain management, business analysis, value chain management, strategic sourcing, human aspects of innovation
• Core qualities: motivated, hardworking, learning spirit, effective communication skills, planning and organizing, leadership spirit, team working, attention to details, cross functional background, good decision-make

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