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Persoonlijk profiel

Research profile

Miloš Viktorović is a Doctoral Candidate at ISBN research group within department of Build Environment, at Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). His areas of interest are Semantic Web, Linked Data and Smart Cities. Topic of Miloš's current research is "Urban traffic data engineering using Semantic Web technologies to support Autonomous Vehicles"


Hi there! I am Miloš!

Confused how to pronounce my name? No worries, here are some hints: Š=Sh (at the end of my first name) and Ć= SomethingInBetween «Tj and Ch» (at the end of my surname).

Academic background

Miloš Viktorović graduated from MSc program Energy for Smart Cities, organized by EIT InnoEnergy, in 2016. Previously, in 2014, Miloš had obtained his degree from Belgrade University, School of Electrical Engineering, with the official title BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with total of 240ECTS. In addition to this, Miloš spent a year (2012-2013) as exchange student at Mälardalen University, in Västerås, Sweden.

After finishing his master studies, Miloš was employed by Accenture Spain, at Barcelona Center of Excellence. Before starting employment, Miloš conducted research for his thesis and worked as an intern in OpenDomo Services, and Accenture in Barcelona, with the topic “Load-Shifting inside Production Lines”.

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