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Persoonlijk profiel

Research profile

Michael Golombok is a Full Professor in the Multiphase and Reactive Flows group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Chair of Oil and Gas Production Technology. His research interests include centrifugal gas separation, enhanced oil recovery, pipeline acoustics, reservoir fracking, fracture flow, heavy oil mobilization and novel biomass liquefaction technology.

Gas Production Technology examines cryogenic gas/liquid separation processes for removing CO2 and H2S from contaminated gas streams, particle agglomeration for in-situ blocking of large subsurface fractures, development of novel viscoelastic fluids for retarding injection fluid flow in subsurface fractures and high permeability zones of porous matrix. Further research topics are viscoelastic ‘green’ fracking fluids for mobilizing heavy oil (including oil shales) as well as a downstream excursion converting lignin biomass into fuel oils. Michael’s work at TU/e also includes a co-operation project with several companies on proposed Dogger Bank Wind Energy Hub concept engineering. He also designs and teaches the MSc course ‘Introduction to petroleum production’.

Academic background

Michael Golombok received his BSc from University of Glasgow and a PhD from University of Toronto. In addition to his activities at TU/e, he works full time for Shell. He started off working for Shell’s Gas division and later joined the Oil Products division, where he carried out research in diesel fuel spray injection, high-octane gasoline component manufacture, knock and direct fuel injection in gasoline engines. He then moved to Shell Chemicals where he worked on steam cracking to make ethylene. Mike is currently a Principal Scientist in the Exploration and Production division of Shell where he has worked on geothermal energy, novel gas to liquid conversion, centrifugal gas separation and enhanced oil recovery.

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