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"Contributing towards a circular economy to sustain our increasingly populated planet while improving quality of life is not only my ambition, but a responsibility we need to confront."

Research profile

From the fields of reaction and catalysis engineering, Fernanda Neira D’Angelo aims to develop novel technologies to intensify sustainable processes, in particular, the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to chemicals and fuels. Her research in multiphase reactors is closely linked to the development and application of effective catalytic systems, seeking the most efficient combination and synergism between reactor engineering and catalysis. With a first-hand understanding on the limitations of conventional technologies for biomass processing, she has been increasingly devoted to the integrated development of novel reactor concepts (e.g., foam-based, spinning disc and microreactors) and catalysts (e.g., multifunctional catalysts and coatings) that will be key to realize the future bio-based economy, utilizing the entire lignocellulose fractions (sugars and lignin).

Academic background

Maria Fernanda Neira D'Angelo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) studied Chemical Engineering at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. In 2010 Neira D'Angelo graduated cum laude within the Biomass Technology Group at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where she conducted her master's research on biomass gasification and Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. She continued with PhD research within the TU/e Reactor Engineering Group on the catalytic conversion of biomass via Aqueous Phase Reforming. In 2014 she obtained her PhD with the distinction cum laude. In 2014-2015 Neira d'Angelo was employed at BiChem Technology (Eindhoven), initially as research scientist and later as the project leader of the pilot-scale activities for the conversion of biomass derived sugars into valuable chemicals. In 2015 she returned to the Reactor Engineering Group at TU/e as tenure track assistant professor.

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  • Chemelot InSCiTe
  • NIOK

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Facile Synthesis of Catalytic AuPd Nanoparticles within Capillary Microreactors Using Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Direct Synthesis of H2O2

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Open Access
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Aqueous phase reforming in a microchannel reactor: The effect of mass transfer on hydrogen selectivity

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Reforming reactions
Mass transfer
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Hydrogen production through aqueous-phase reforming of ethylene glycol in a washcoated microchannel

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Ethylene Glycol
Reforming reactions
Hydrogen production
Ethylene glycol
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Carbon-coated ceramic membrane reactor for the production of hydrogen by aqueous-phase reforming of sorbitol

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Ceramic membranes
Reforming reactions
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Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide over Au-Pd catalyst in a wall-coated microchannel

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hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide


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A supply chain optimization framework for CO2 reduction: case of the Netherlands

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Design and synthesis of mesoporous SSZ-39 for MTO reaction

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Direct numerical simulation of coupled heat mass transfer in reactive fluid-particle systems

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Experimental validation of reactor model for sorption enhanced reforming stage of a Ca-Cu looping process

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Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a cooled rotating packed bed

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