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Let’s enable nuclear fusion: a sun in a bottle!

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Mathieu Oude Vrielink is a PhD candidate in the Mechanics of Materials (MoM) group in the department of Mechanical Engineering at TU/e. He has special interest in materials science and computer modelling techniques for materials. The aim of his PhD research project is to investigate the relation between the micro structure of tungsten and its mechanical properties by means of simulations. His project has an application in nuclear fusion, where hydrogen atoms are fused together to form helium. The tungsten components in nuclear fusion reactors are subjected to extreme heat and intense neutron- and ion irradiation. The PhD research is therefore focused on simulating how these components perform under such extreme conditions. 

Academic background

Mathieu Oude Vrielink obtained his MSc degree with great appreciation in Mechanical Engineering at TU/e in 2016. During his studies, he worked primarily on projects that are of numerical nature. For his MSc internship, he visited the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany for a period of four months. For his MSc final project, he worked on the development of Non-Uniform Transformation Field Analysis, which allows for dramatic speedup of calculations on material behaviour at the micrometer scale. 

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Numerical investigation of the brittle-to-ductile transition temperature of rolled high-purity tungsten

Oude Vrielink, M., van Dommelen, J. A. W. H. & Geers, M. G. D., 1 jun 2020, In : Mechanics of Materials. 145, 9 blz., 103394.

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    Multi-scale mechanics of tungsten: structure to properties

    Oude Vrielink, M. A., 7 nov 2016, blz. 1. 1 blz.

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    Efficient micro-mechanical analysis based on reduced order modeling

    Auteur: Oude Vrielink, M., 30 aug 2016

    Begeleider: Kouznetsova, V. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & van Tuijl, R. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

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