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Research profile

Lisette Wijkhuijs is a doctoral candidate at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry (SPC) under the supervision of Assistant Professor Heiner Friedrich and Full Professor Remco Tuinier. Her current research focusses on using organic phase change materials as thermal storage materials. Especially paraffin has gained a lot of attention because it is non-toxic, cheap, and chemically stable. However, the thermal conductivity is relatively low and they are prone to leaking upon melt. The addition of hierarchical high thermally conductive networks made from graphene can help overcome these disadvantages. 

Academic background

Lisette Wijkhuijs received her BSc degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry in 2017 from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands. At the same university, she obtained her MSc degree in Science Education and Communication, and Molecular Systems and Materials in 2020. During her graduation project supervised by Professor G. de With, she worked on the formation of ZnO crystals under bio-friendly conditions. In October 2020 she joined the laboratory of Physical Chemistry as a doctoral candidate and is now working on enhancing the thermal conductivity of organic phase change materials using graphene.


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