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"I am proud to be part of an eye-opening revolution in neuroprosthetics, offering new hope for people who lost their vision."

Research profile

Leroy Driessen is a PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where he is pioneering in the field of wireless neuroprosthetics. His research focuses on the development of a multi-sited, high-speed wireless data link for implantable brain chips. One of the applications he is working on is a visual neuroprosthesis, which is able to give back sight to blind people. 

Driessen is actively involved in several research groups at TU/e, including the Electromagnetics for Care & Cure (EM4C&C), EM-Metrology Lab, and the Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven (C3Te). His work in these groups concerns accurately measuring and characterising implantable antennas for wireless neuroprosthetics to further improve patient comfort and safety.

Academic background

Leroy Driessen started his academic journey at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where he pursued a unique double bachelor's degree in Software Science and Electrical Engineering, graduating cum laude in 2018. Following his undergraduate studies, Driessen continued at TU/e with the master's program Electrical Engineering, specializing in electromagnetism for neuro-applications.

He graduated with his master's degree in 2020 with his thesis on transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) for treating epilepsy in refractory patients. After his master's, Driessen started his PhD program in the INTENSE project ( His current work involves research in wireless communication to the brain, a field that holds immense potential for neuroprosthetics and healthcare technology.


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