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Leon Govaert is professor in polymer mechanics at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). allowed research focuses on the mechanical performance of solid polymers and polymer composites (“polymer mechanics”) covering the fields of polymer physics (phenomenology of deformation and its molecular or microstructural origin), polymer science (design of materials with improved performance), and polymer engineering (design of products with optimized performance). The ultimate aim is to develop a methodology that allows quantitative assessment of the short-term (impact) and long-term (fatigue) response of polymer products, taking into account the material’s time-dependent deformation and failure response as well as the influence of processing conditions and changes in performance during practical use (ageing, degradation); methodologies that allow for performance optimization, already in the early stages of design.


“Long-term failure of polymers: dealing with the inevitable”

Academic background

Leon Govaert studied Mechanical Engineering at TU/e, where he obtained his PhD. In addition to his work at TU/e, Leon is also a professor in Mechanics of Polymeric Materials at the faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente. Here, he focuses on research in the area of time-dependent failure of thermoplastic composites. This research is relevant to the reliable application of these materials in lightweight constructions and is a direct extension of his work on polymer mechanics in Eindhoven. Leon is appointed as the permanent organizing chair of the triennial conference series on Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers (DYFP), one of the major international events related to the mechanics of polymeric materials.

Affiliated with

  • Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories
  • PTN: National Dutch Graduate School in Polymer Science & Technology

Partners in (semi-)industry

  • DSM
  • Sabic
  • Solvay
  • Borealis

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Mechanical performance of polymer systems: The relation between structure and properties

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    Rate- and temperature-dependent strain hardening of polycarbonate

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    Open Access
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    Competition between plasticity-controlled and crack-growth controlled failure in static and cyclic fatigue of thermoplastic polymer systems

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    L.E. Govaert


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