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I love to contribute to innovative research. My ambition is to break the world record in solar cell efficiency by using semiconducting nanowires. 

Research profile

Jos Haverkort investigates semiconductor nanowires for applications in solar cells and silicon-based light sources. His primary focus is on optical characterization of the nanowires. In the area of solar cells, the use of semiconducting nanowires embedded in a transparent polymer matrix allows for the production of cheap, versatile and very efficient devices. Nanowires feature a very high light extraction efficiency, allowing to achieve very high conversion efficiencies. His largest ambition is to develop a nanowire solar cell which is capable to re-direct all emitted photons back to the sun, to approach the ultimate conversion efficiency of more than 45%. The research group currently holds the world record in efficiency of nanowire InP solar cells (17,8%), which is a significant first step towards the ultimate efficiency flexible solar cell.

Haverkort's other ambition is to contribute to a silicon-based light source. Such a light source can be achieved by using hexagonal crystal phase SiGe (Hex-SiGe) which features a direct bandgap allowing to demonstrate efficient light emission. The final challenge is the development of a Hex-SiGe nanolaser, which would revolutionize the electronics industry by adding intra-chip and chip-to-chip communication at the speed of light - offering a significant reduction in energy consumption. Haverkort contributes to this topic through the optical characterization of Hex-SiGe nanowires as well as by serving as the project manager of the European SiLAS consortium, which is heading towards the demonstration of a SiGe nanolaser. 

Academic background

Jos Haverkort studied Physics at Leiden University and obtained his PhD at the same university in 1987 with his thesis "Light-induced drift of Na in noble gases". Since then he has been a researcher at the Department of Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), currently with the Advanced Nanomaterials and Devices research group. 

Affiliated with

· Institute for Photonic Integration

Research cooperation with


· Oxford University

· Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena

· Universität Linz

· Technische Universität München

Partners in industry


· Philips Lighting 

· ECN/Solliance 

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Boosting solar cell photovoltage via nanophotonic engineering

Cui, Y., van Dam, A. D., Mann, S. A., Hoof, N. J. J., van Veldhoven, P. J., Garnett, E. C., Bakkers, E. P. A. M. & Haverkort, J. E. M., 1 okt 2016, In : Nano Letters. 16, 10, blz. 6467-6471 5 blz.

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    Quantifying losses and thermodynamics limits in nanophotonic solar cells

    Mann, S. A., Oener, S. Z., Cavalli, A., Haverkort, J. E. M., Bakkers, E. P. A. M. & Garnett, E. C., 1 dec 2016, In : Nature Nanotechnology. 11, 12, blz. 1071–1075

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    A theoretical analysis of the optimal electrode thickness and porosity

    Haverkort, J. W., 1 feb 2019, In : Electrochimica Acta. 295, blz. 846-860 15 blz.

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    Open Access
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    Epitaxial Ge0.81Sn0.19 nanowires for nanoscale mid-infrared emitters

    Seifner, M. S., Dijkstra, A., Bernardi, J., Steiger-Thirsfeld, A., Sistani, M., Lugstein, A., Haverkort, J. E. M. & Barth, S., 23 jul 2019, In : ACS Nano. 13, 7, blz. 8047-8054 8 blz.

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    Exploring the internal radiative efficiency of selective area nanowires

    Cavalli, A., Haverkort, J. E. M. & Bakkers, E. P. A. M., 2 jun 2019, In : Journal of Nanomaterials. 2019, 13 blz., 6924163.

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    Condensed matter

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    Physics in perspective

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    Semiconductor nanophysics

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    Analysis and modelling of MSM and Schottky barrier GaN UV detectors

    Auteur: Vanhove, N., 31 okt 2005

    Begeleider: Haverkort, J. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & John, J. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach)

    Scriptie/masterproef: Master


    Dynamische fotoluminescentie-roodverschuiving en koeling in een 2-dimensionaal elektronengas

    Auteur: van de Ven, A., 30 apr 1992

    Begeleider: Haverkort, J. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & Weegels, L. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

    Scriptie/masterproef: Master


    Experimentele studie van de invangst van ladingsdragers in GaAs/AlGaAs quantumputstrukturen

    Auteur: Smit, C., 31 jul 1992

    Begeleider: Blom, P. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & Haverkort, J. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

    Scriptie/masterproef: Master


    Extension on metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth of Wurtzite InGaP core-multishell nanowires for photonics

    Auteur: ter Huurne, S., 2015

    Begeleider: Gagliano, L. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & Haverkort, J. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

    Scriptie/masterproef: Bachelor


    Fotostroom en fotoluminescentie excitatie metingen aan InGaAs/InP quantumputten

    Auteur: Koppens, W., 31 aug 1994

    Begeleider: Haverkort, J. (Afstudeerdocent 1)

    Scriptie/masterproef: Master