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Persoonlijk profiel


Working with industry constantly poses inspiring innovation challenges. Once we formulate these as well-defined fundamental new research problems, breakthroughs can happen. That inspiration led to my most-cited publications.

Research profile

Jean-Paul Linnartz is Part-time Professor in the Signal Processing Systems group. He focuses on algorithms for intelligent lighting systems and wireless communication networks. He is also an internationally recognized thought leader in the field of security with noisy data.  

Linnartz holds more than 60 granted patents. His publications about electronic watermarks, anonymous biometrics, radio communications (OFDM, MC-CDMA, random access) and Optical Wireless Communication have been cited more than 10,000 times. His research ideas are exploited in three successful ventures. As Senior Director at Philips Research, he headed research groups on security, wireless connectivity and IC design. At Signify (Philips Lighting), he is CTO of the LiFi venture. 

Academic background

Jean-Paul Linnartz obtained his MSc in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 1986. After a year of working on Radio Propagationat TNO, he did his PhD at Delft University of Technology, graduating in 1991 on traffic analysis in Wireless Networks. As Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, he worked on autonomous driving and wireless multimedia (Infopad). After being appointed as Associate Professor at Delft University of Technologyin 1995, Linnartz joined Philips Research, becoming Senior Director in 2002 and Research Fellow in 2007Currently, he is with Signify (Philips Lighting). In 2006, he returned to TU/e as Professor, initially in Cognitive Radio and currently in Signal Processing.

Opleiding / Academische kwalificatie

Delft University of Technology


Externe posities

Research Fellow, Philips Lighting

2006 → …

Senior Director and Department Head IC Design, Philips Research


Senior Director and Department Head Wireless Connectivity, Philips Research


Senior Director and Department Head Information Secuity, Philips Research


Asst Professor, University of California at Berkeley


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Projecten 2016 2020


Linnartz, J. M. G., Bonarius, J. H., de Kort, Y. A. W., Smolders, K. C. H. J., Vogels, I. M. L. C., Peeters, S. T., Dangol, R., Kruisselbrink, T. W., Özçelebi, T., Eijkemans, C., Vereggen - Tielemans, T., Vereggen - Tielemans, T., de Kort, Y. A. W. & Hegh, L.


Project: Onderzoek direct

Onderzoeksoutput 1987 2019

59 Citaties (Scopus)
13 Downloads (Pure)

An iIlumination perspective on visible light communications

Tsiatmas, A., Baggen, C. P. M. J., Willems, F. M. J., Linnartz, J. P. M. G. & Bergmans, J. W. M., 2014, In : IEEE Communications Magazine. 52, 7, blz. 64-71 8 blz.

Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftTijdschriftartikelAcademicpeer review

Infrared radiation

Accurate thermal transient measurements interpretation of monochromatic LEDs

Alexeev, A., Martin, G., Onushkin, G. & Linnartz, J. P., mrt 2019, (Geaccepteerd/In druk) Proceedings of Semi-Therm 35 : The 35th Annual Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium March 18th - 22nd, 2019.

Onderzoeksoutput: Hoofdstuk in Boek/Rapport/CongresprocedureConferentiebijdrageAcademicpeer review

Light emitting diodes
Light reflection
Heat generation
Heat losses
47 Downloads (Pure)

DC-bias for Optical OFDM in Visible Light Communications

Deng, X., Mardanikorani, S., Zhou, G. & Linnartz, J. P., 2019, In : IEEE Access. 7, blz. 98319-98330

Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftTijdschriftartikelAcademicpeer review

Open Access
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Pulse amplitude modulation
Visible light communication
1 Citaat (Scopus)
16 Downloads (Pure)

Distributed fusion of sensor data in a constrained wireless network

Papatsimpa, C. & Linnartz, J. P., mrt 2019, In : Sensors. 19, 5, 17 blz., 1006.

Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftTijdschriftartikelAcademicpeer review

Open Access
Hidden Markov models
Wireless networks
Equipment and Supplies

Efficiency of power loading strategies for visible light communication

Mardanikorani, S., Deng, X. & Linnartz, J. P. M. G., 19 feb 2019, 2018 IEEE Globecom Workshops, GC Wkshps 2018 - Proceedings. Piscataway: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 6 blz. 8644083

Onderzoeksoutput: Hoofdstuk in Boek/Rapport/CongresprocedureConferentiebijdrageAcademicpeer review

Light emitting diodes
Quadrature amplitude modulation
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Transfer functions


Elevation to grade of Fellow

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Ontvanger), 1 jan 2011

Prijs: AndersFellowships & membershipsWetenschappelijk

Activiteiten 2006 2016

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Wireless optical communication in illumination systems

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Spreker)
11 jun 201613 jun 2017

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesKeynote sprekerWetenschappelijk

Sense of Contact, Zeist, NL

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Uitgenodigde spreker)
7 apr 2011

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesGenodigd sprekerWetenschappelijk

Meet the Fellows, 2011, Leuven

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Uitgenodigde spreker)
27 jan 2011

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesGenodigd sprekerWetenschappelijk

IEEE workshop on Security with Noisy Data, Eindhoven

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Hoofdspreker)
20 jan 2011

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesKeynote sprekerWetenschappelijk

MAGNET Beyond Conference " Global Connectivity - enhancing Quality of Life, Amsterdam

Jean-Paul Linnartz (Spreker)
22 jan 2007

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesAangemelde presentatieWetenschappelijk


An improved motion tracking with the enhanced particle filter algorithm for indoor applications

Auteur: Jiang, Y., 31 aug 2015

Begeleider: Linnartz, J. M. (Afstudeerdocent 1), Rajagopalan, R. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach) & Broers, H. A. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master

Clock synchronisation for dynamic visible light communication networks

Auteur: Maree, J., 30 jun 2016

Begeleider: Linnartz, J. M. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & Tsiatmas, A. (Externe coach)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master

Design and evaluation of a hub-assisted WLAN/Zigbee coexistence method

Auteur: Zhou, W., 31 aug 2008

Begeleider: Linnartz, J. M. (Afstudeerdocent 1)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master

Design optimization for windows: providing low energy consumption and comfort with regard to the visual/non-visual effects of light

Auteur: Martinelli, F., 31 aug 2016

Begeleider: van Loenen, E. (Afstudeerdocent 1), Rosemann, A. (Afstudeerdocent 2), Linnartz, J. M. (Afstudeerdocent 2) & Khademagha, P. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master

Impact of LED flicker on laser barcode scanners

Auteur: Zhang, J., 31 aug 2015

Begeleider: Deng, X. (Afstudeerdocent 1), Wu, Y. (Afstudeerdocent 2) & Linnartz, J. M. (Externe coach)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master