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I am Indre Kalinauskaite, Lithuanian living in the Netherlands for over a decade. I moved to Eindhoven to pursue my Master studies in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, but after the first semester I decided to switch my track to Human Technology Interaction with a strong focus on Environmental Psychology. This significant switch in my professional life was driven by my passion to better understand human beings – our emotions, cognitions, behaviors – and how different psychological and behavioral aspects are influenced by surrounding environment, in particular – manmade technology. After my master studies I gained a professional doctorate (PDEng degree) in User System Interaction Design and started my PhD in a complex multi-stakeholder living lab project – De-escalate Stratumseind, at Eindhoven University of Technology, Innovation Science & Industrial Engineering department. During my PhD I investigated the contextual influences on aggressive behavior in an urban nightlife setting and the potential to reduce aggression through design of intelligent streetlighting. After my PhD, I started working as a research Posdoc at the department of Industrial Design (ID), TU/e, where my work is mainly focused on the role of collaboration in living lab research (in the context of health and vitality) and facilitation of transdisciplinary research within the ID. I am mainly interested in how to systematically implement a living lab approach across different research and innovation contexts in the Netherlands and beyond, and how to conduct truly transdisciplinary research aimed at tackling societal challenges. I strongly believe that implementation of approaches, tools and methods from the field of design has a huge potential to aid in setting up and facilitation of transdisciplinary initiatives in and beyond the living labs.


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