Hamed Faghanpourganji (Hamed F. Ganji), PDEng

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Persoonlijk profiel

Research profile

Hamed Faghanpourganji (Hamed F. Ganji) is a Doctoral Candidate at the Power and Flow group in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) under the supervision of full professor. Philip de Goey, full professor Ines Lopez Arteaga, full professor Jeroen van Oijen and assistance professor Viktor Kornilov. He researches thermo-acoustic stability of porous burners for central heating purposes.


In Hamed’s PhD project, he studies the combustion noise and thermoacoustics with/without hydrogen addition in detail using numerical simulations and lab-scale experiments. This project deals with central heating systems equipped with promising and relatively new kind of perforated CERAMAT fibre burners. He is going to elaborate a methodology for the optimal design of this kind of burners aiming clean, robust, and thermo-acoustically stable operation in different appliances.


Furthermore, Hamed’s other areas of research include aeroacoustics, aeroelasticity and broad field of engineering acoustics.

Academic background

He has been researching in the broad field of engineering acoustics since 2010 when he was a fresh undergraduate student. During these years, he has been involved in development of quite a few novel acoustic projects. Hamed obtained his first degree in Mechanical engineering from Babol Noshirvani University of Technology (BUT) in 2012. Working at Iran khodro- the biggest Iranian car company - during his internship led his Bachelor thesis to study on brake squeal phenomena in order to examine instability of an minimal model of brake system. In addition, he was involved in an extracurricular  project about solving nonlinear travelling shallow water wave equation on basis of approximation techniques.


Afterwards in 2013, he moved to Amirkabir University of Technology to do his master program in Aerospace engineering. Mr. Faghanpourganji accomplished his master thesis in computational acoustics-of-fluid-solid interaction in February 2015. This research highlighted interfaces between acoustics and aeroelasticity in pre/post flutter domain to shade light on sound transmission/radiation of three dimensional closed cavity.


After around two years working at BUT  as a part-time researcher, he moved to University of Twente as a Professional Doctorate (PDEng)  trainee. He developed a novel flat spectrum acoustic filter for custom-made hearing protections. The final achievement of the this project has been to design (incl. numerical simulation), build and test a flat acoustic filter to passively reduce the noise evenly as possible over all frequencies. In July 2020, he was awarded the title of PDEng in Energy & Process Technology. In the same year, he joined the Power & Flow group at TU/e as a PhD candidate. In this position, he is working on combustion noise and thermoacoustic instability.


To become a distinguished researcher, one needs daily improvement in both observation and listening.

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