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Research profile

I hold a Master of Science in biofabrication from Utrecht University, where I had the privilege of working under the research group(s) of leading experts including Prof. Dr. Jos Malda, Prof. Dr. Roos Masereeuw, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Miguel Dias Castilho. Currently, I am pursuing a collaborative Ph.D. effort between two research groups. Namely, the "Biomaterials Design & Processing group" under the mentorship of Assistant Prof. Dr. Miguel Dias Castilho at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where most of my technical work takes place, and The Giesen group under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Niels Giesen and Assistant Prof. Dr. Fanny Sage at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Department of Anatomy and Embryology, where most of my cellular and biological work is conducted. My research focuses on the development of 3D human skeletal muscle microtissues for the modelling of muscular dystrophies. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid multidisciplinary foundation in advanced 3D in vitro modelling, advanced additive manufacturing technologies, (bio)materials, and cell biology for biomedical applications.  In the coming years, I aspire to publish research related to my topic, with the ultimate aim of developing a novel, scalable in vitro 3D model of human skeletal muscle that can be used to study muscular dystrophies and identify new routes of treatment.

Opleiding / Academische kwalificatie

Master, Masters of Science in Biofabrication, Utrecht University

Datum van toekenning: 1 dec. 2022