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Research profile

Emanuela Bosco is Assistant Professor in the Chair of Applied Mechanics and Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Her research interest is in the field of computational mechanics, in particular on multi-scale methods applied to fracture, fibrous materials and multi-physics problems. During their life-time, materials may be subjected to complex loading conditions, possibly involving multiple physical fields, which trigger interactions between the material behavior at macro- and at micro-structural levels.


Multi-scale methods are required to efficiently incorporate the micro-structural response into the coarse macroscopic scale. Emanuela’s main research interest has always lain in this area: formulating multi-scale and multi-physics models that can bridge the gap between the underlying physics and the material behavior at the macro-scale, and using them in different relevant applications. In particular, her current research focuses on multi-scale modelling of granular materials, chemically-induced fracture in concrete, multi-physics degradation of historical art objects. The modelling of these problems is approached with three main multi-scale techniques, computational, analytical and asymptotic homogenization, combined with different numerical solution strategies - linear and non-linear FEM, X-FEM, DEM.

Academic background

Emanuela Bosco obtained her MSc in Civil Engineering with first-class honors from the University of Brescia (Italy) in 2009 and her PhD in Numerical Methods for Engineering in 2013, for which she was awarded of the title of Doctor Europaeus. After this, she worked as a post doc in the Materials Technology group at TU/e. She has spent several research periods abroad, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. She is currently involved in the supervision of several MSc and PhD projects. In 2017, she was awarded of a VENI research grant from NWO. She is project leader in a NWO OTP Project and Co-leader in a NWO NICAS project. She is currently technical manager of the European Project Horizon 2020 CollectionCare. Emanuela holds also a Music-Diploma in Viola, obtained at Conservatorium Marenzio of Brescia (Italy).



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