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Ehsan Shekarian is currently a Researcher at the Operations, Planning, Accounting, and Control group at TU/e. He did his researches as a Postdoc and Research Fellow at Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran, and Tampere University in Finland, respectively. He got his PhD in 2017, from the University of Malaya, Malaysia in Manufacturing Management (Engineering and Engineering Trades). He is doing his research on Closed-Loop Supply Chains characteristics. He is investigating CLSCs from many points of view, focusing on the Game Theory perspective. The first part of the results of his recent project was presented in the 26th EurOMA Conference in Helsinki. The extended part of the results will be published at JCLP. His interests include Circular Economy, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, and Inventory Management.

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A review of factors affecting closed-loop supply chain models

Shekarian, E., 20 apr 2020, In : Journal of Cleaner Production. 253, 24 blz., 119823.

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    Economic order quantity models for items with imperfect quality and emission considerations

    Kazemi, N., Abdul-Rashid, S. H., Raja Ghazilla, R. A., Shekarian, E. & Zanoni, S., 3 apr 2018, In : International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics. 5, 2, blz. 99-115 17 blz.

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  • 50 Citaten (Scopus)

    Fuzzy inventory models: A comprehensive review

    Shekarian, E., Kazemi, N., Abdul-Rashid, S. H. & Olugu, E. U., 1 jun 2017, In : Applied Soft Computing. 55, blz. 588-621 34 blz.

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    Incorporating human learning into a fuzzy EOQ inventory model with backorders

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  • 40 Citaten (Scopus)

    A fuzzified version of the economic production quantity (EPQ) model with backorders and rework for a single-stage system

    Shekarian, E., Jaber, M. Y., Kazemi, N. & Ehsani, E., 2014, In : European Journal of Industrial Engineering. 8, 3, blz. 291-324

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